About Us

2015 Canadian National Championship and Sieger Show
Windy Pool handling Athena von Zauberwiesen

We have been breeding, training, and competing with animals for four generations. This included horses and working dogs as needed to work a ranch. In 1998 we got our first German Shepherd after his retirement from an Arizona police department. With this dog we found great joy and responsibility, he was unique and very special. After training and working with many comparable breeds, we settled on the European bred German Shepherd. It became our goal to help and inform buyers and breeders to the capabilities and quality that follows health checks and working titles. It is because of Rocky (see males page) that we chose to have this dedication in protecting and preserving the German Shepherd dog.

In breeding, we have produced international competitors and winners (See Athena von Zauberwiesen and Token von Zauberwiesen). We strive for a balanced dog that is capable of many things, not just sitting on top of a podium or lounging as an untrained pillow warmer. We value level minds, beauty, and brawn. We work tirelessly to produce this in our dogs. Each of our own breedings comes with our kennel name to show pride in our ethic.

The W litter

Our training program was established after many years of breeding. We keep several puppies and train them in our family and home to compete with, as a family. For proof of our skills, we have won multiple National level Performance Awards with multiple dogs in multiple countries. We have trialed in three countries and have shown in four countries in Club, Regional, National, and International levels winning top positions in both working and show classes. It is our goal to work the dogs that we produce and place our puppies (and retiring dogs) in great homes. For the puppies that we do not keep, they are all started (in German commands) on puppy shaping and have a good sit, lay, here, and heel foundation at 9 weeks old without the use of a collar or leash. We work on focus and teach them socialization through trips to our local dog club and trips with children in the German public transportation system, on leash. Each puppy that leaves our home has been started this way.

Gabby with D puppy First place
Gabriella Pool handling Dexter von Zauberwiesen
Zauberwiesen Team for the 2015 Canadian Championships and Sieger Show
From left: Orlanda von Nimbus V1, Athena von Zauberwiesen Siegren, Windy Pool Handler, Zelindo v. Lutterbruch V3, Token von Zauberwiesen SG1 (Young dog class).

Video of our 2018 Zauberwiesen Performance at the World competition in N├╝rnberg Germany can be found here.

Our experience with Schutzhund, IPO, and IGP includes club membership since 2001. Windy has been a founding board member of two clubs, Morgan has been a founding board member of one club, and Gabby has been a founding board member of one club. We are current members of four International sports/breed organizations. Windy has been a Certified Helper in two organizations and has attended countless helper seminars on both ends of the leash and has trialed in three countries, earning an invitation to the GSDCA Universal Sieger Championship in Wilmington, Ohio.

USCA Helper Seminar in Austin Texas
Orlanda v Nimbus and Windy Pool Helper

Handler Windy Pool with Token von Zauberwiesen

Token von Zauberwiesen trialing in Langenfeld Germany

Further, Windy has been a certified AKC CGC Evaluator and has judged in multiple states within the United States roughly since 2014 and has earned AKC working titles with mulitple dogs.

CGC Evaluation in Linclon Nebraska
Family owned and operated.