V Bowien v Louwershoeve Sch 1 Kkl

In the years that Bowien has been a part of our life, home, and family she has graced us with love, affection, and above all else an unwavering devotion to me and my family. Bowien has been a stellar example of what a German Shepherd should be. Day in and day out she was present to protect her family from evil without being overprotective or violent. She always gave new comers the benefit of the doubt while letting them know her capabilities in a calm passive way. She consoled our children when they were hurt and taught them the Schutzhund obedience routine as they grew old enough to learn. She knew when to console and when to impress without being overly protective or dangerous. She was always there to meet our expectations perfectly. I could go on and on about how wonderful she was, but will stop with this, Bowien represented her breed with a perfection that comes though years of experience in selecting breeding stock and she should make her breeders very very proud of the STELLAR job that they had done. It is with great sadness and loss that we say goodbye to our wonderful Bowien. Our family will be missing a very important component due to the loss of this wonderful and special girl.