Our W Litter


Here at Zauberwiesen we have limited litters available. We plan on one litter per year with few exceptions. We take time with each of our puppies to insure proper emotional and physical developement. We start puppy shaping for sit, stand, lay, stay, and heel at around 6 weeks old. We start crate schedualing at around 5 weeks old. Typically, our puppies will be crate trained (as per their trained schedule) by the time they leave our home. However, puppies from Germany will not have as much crate training due to rules about crates. We socialize our puppies away from home at least two times a week. We travel on trains, buses, subways, and autos with each puppy.
With our puppies, always comes, lifetime advice on training and working with your puppy. We offer a hip guarantee against extreme dysplasia. This guarantee is contingent on owners proper evaluations through a certified vet and either the OFA or SV. Our puppies also come with DM Guarantee against positive/active carries. Further, we assist, with advice and more if needed, all registration papers to meet your needs for basic pet ownership or to ensure breedability in the USA. However, we do not recommend or assist with breeding issues prior to basic preliminary health checks such as hip and elbow scores through proper channels.

The F Litter has ARRIVED! Click here for their page
F litter girlies
F Litter Sire
F Litter Dam

E Litter Sire and Dam and Egon.

D Litter Puppy

C Litter Puppy
B Litter Puppy 10 Months old
Sire and Dam of C and B Litter

A Litter puppy

Z Litter Puppy

Y Litter Sire and Dam
Y Litter Puppy 12 months

X Litter Sire
X Litter Dam
Some of the X Litter puppies

V and W Litter Sire and Dam

U Litter Sire and Dam