Team Zauberwiesen

Welcome to my world of quality German Shepherd dogs.  I have a small breeding program, so that I can maintain the highest level of quality in my dogs.  I breed dogs that meet my standard of what a dog, whether it be a pet, performance dog, show dog, or trail dog, should be.   My dogs have not only been successful in many show and trial fields, but also have gone on to serve law enforcement, as service animals, and as pets in private homes.  
    I breed for temperament, beauty, and ability to learn.  Our dogs are not here just to show; they are here because they have three qualities.  One, they are level headed dogs, meaning, they are not crazy.  They can be in situations that are social and behave with manners without losing sight of their purpose.  They can further be trusted around small rambunctious children.  The dogs here MUST be good with small children.  Two, they are physically beautiful. We will only keep adults that are V or VA rated for our long term programs. We strive for SG puppies however, Adults that remain here must be capable of a V rating in Conformation.   And third, they must have the solid nerve!  We will not keep or foster dogs with faulty nerves. The Zauberwiesen German Shepherd can go into new situations with a strong presence and confidence. We use SCH/IPO/IGP training and trialing to showcase and proof our work as breeders and trainers.  This is what we have and breed.  When it comes to Zauberwiesen puppies, which are very few, this is what we breed for.  
    Although my dogs have working titles for proof of quality, we are not into the latest Schutzhund/IPO/IGP champion fad or the “newest best thing” on the market, so, if that is what you are after, you should try a larger more commercial breeder.  We have titled dogs because that is what is expected of good dogs in Germany.  My past males were all titled within AKC, SV, or FCI and sometimes multiple titles with different organizations throughout the world.  The males that I use are all titled and I have met them and believe that they can enhance my beloved breed. We strive to maintain a V or VA conformation quality making room in our program for a slightly large dog that still meets the breed standard as shown in Europe. If you want a dog that is bred for a stable mind, beauty, ability to protect and be shown, then you may like zauberwiesen puppies.  If you are looking for more details about Zauberwiesen please check our About Us page.
    Also, if you are simply looking into the breed and need advice about breeders or what type of German Shepherd would work for your needs please feel free to visit the contact us page.  There are lots of German Shepherd breeders out there and if Zauberwiesen doesn’t have exactly what you are searching for, we  may know a breeder that does.  Also, if you have a puppy in mind and would like advice about the lineage, Click here.


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Token von Zauberwiesen

Athena von Zauberwiesen

Orlanda von Nimbus

Bowien v Louwershoeve

Harika vom Eiechenplatz